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    I have seen some challenges that just seem impossible? Firslty what’s the point of an unobtainable challenge and secondly just how big is too big?

    Michael Whities

    It’s definitely not good for the restaurant… It will eventually die out since no one can do it. To big is when there are no winners for a long period of time. Sure, professional eaters could come in and finish the challenge, but everyday people will not be able to.. that’s where they will fail with the challenge.

    What’s the challenge? Some people can eat quite a bit, so it might not be impossible for others.

    Randy Santel

    Hey very good question DJ Vinny, and awesome response Michael! I actually created an article for Promoters about that issue:

    How big is too big? is a question that really depends on the area and clientele. Since a more rural area has much less traffic than restaurants in major cities, their “too big” is smaller than restaurants with more traffic. It also depends on the rewards of course too. If it has a large prize, obviously it will probably be a large challenge to go along with it.

    Some restaurants really don’t put much thought into their challenge, and they accidentally make it too big, thinking people can do it when they really can’t. Other restaurants want a challenge, but they don’t want to be giving away any free food, so they make it huge! No it isn’t smart but you don’t have to pass any tests to open a restaurant. They just learn the hard way because, like Michael said, nobody tries it after a while of nobody winning. If the challenge is just free for winning, it is smart to have a 7% to 10% win ratio. If the meal is not free but a shirt is awarded, it should obviously have a higher ratio of wins. To answer your question though, unbeatable challenges are typically created because of unbeatable ignorance. It isn’t always the restaurants fault though. They may have good intentions, but just have no idea what they are doing. The 60 article “Promoters” section will hopefully help clear questions up for restaurant owners in the future regarding their food challenges. Thanks!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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