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    Joe Hinostro

    This place is great! On Wednesday they have half price apps and burgers. And on another day, I forget the day, they have all you can eat crab legs. And you can play checkers while you wait. We’ve been to this place four times. On the menu it shows the Garbage Challenge. I didn’t do it because I thought you had to pay for it even if you eat it all. Each time we went I got at least 10 wings, an order of cheese sticks and they are made in house best I cheese stick I have had, and two burgers with fries with both and their cheese cake is really good. I’m going to try to convince my girl to want to go there 🙂 I’ll update you all on how it goes if we go. I’ll do the challenge but I am forsure having one of their burgers and order of cheese sticks. They are just too good to pass up. If you are ever in the area I recommend this place if you are in the mood for burgers, wings, and cheese sticks. And they have a big choice when it comes to drinks too.
    Edit: put the wrong day on the half price apps and burgers.

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