Steven Hammond



I like eating food. Lots of food. If it’s edible, I’ll try it.







Birth Date

June 30

Birth Year





4 Star


Steven Hammond

Challenge Role

Food Fighter


Challenges Participated In

1 – The Wingdome’s 7 Deadly Wings (Kirkland, WA)
2 – 24/7 Mac Daddy Challenge (Waikiki, HI) [Failed] [Succeeded on the 2nd attempt!]
3 – Lucky 7 Goliath Burger (Kirkland, WA)
4 – Red Onion Burgers’ Intimidator Challenge (Mountlake Terrace, WA)
5 – Good Pho You Pho Challenge (Lynnwood, WA)
6 – Burger Madness 12-Stack Burger Challenge (Monroe, WA)
7 – Jersey’s “The Farm” Burger Challenge (Shoreline, WA)
8 – Sam’s Tavern’s Burger Challenge (Seattle, WA)
9 – Sunset Alehouse’s The National Champ Challenge (Issaquah, WA)
10 – Stuffy’s 10lb “Bear Roll” Cinnamon Roll Challenge (Longview, WA) [Failed]
11 – Foxboro Sports Bar’s “The Big Army” Burger Challenge (Naples, FL)
12 – Brian’s Pancake Monster Challenge (San Diego, CA)
13 – Broken Yolk Cafe’s Iron Man Omelette Challenge (Los Angeles, CA)
14 – Iguana’s Burritozilla Challenge (San Jose, CA)
15 – C & C Cafe’s Pancake Challenge (Perkasie, PA)
16 – The Inside Scoop’s Volcano Sundae Challenge (Coopersburg, PA)
17 – Waffle Cafe’s Ironman Breakfast Challenge (Yakima, WA)
18 – Jak and Grill’s 7lb Breakfast Burrito Challenge (Denver, CO)
19 – Pizza Party’s Bellybuster Challenge (San Jose, CA)
20 – Lester’s Meal Challenge at Original Pancake House (Roseville, CA)
21 – Burger Challenge at Coho Sports Pub in the Red Wind Casino (Olympia, WA)
22 – Fat Sal’s Big Fat Fatty Sandwich (Hollywood, CA) (Failed)
23 – Sam’s Tavern Burger Challenge (Redmond, WA)
24 – San Francisco Creamery Kitchen Sink Challenge (Walnut Creek, CA)
25 – CJ’s Italian Ice and Custard Monster Challenge (Las Vegas, NV)
26 – Stacks & Yolks’ Get Stacked, Get Yolked Pancake Challenge (Las Vegas, NV) [Failed]
27 – Born & Raised’s Bar Gamble Slider Challenge (Las Vegas, NV)
28 – AB Crepes Challenge (Bellingham, WA)
29 – Kobe Sushi Ramen Challenge (Bellevue, WA)
30 – Bullseye Burger Challenge (Yakima, WA)
31 – Large Stuff @ Stuffy’s II (Longview, WA)
32 – 72oz Steak Challenge @ Wedgwood Broiler (Seattle, WA)
33 – The Happy Donut 2x2lb Fritter (Myrtle Creek, OR)
34 – 6lb Godzilla Roll at Oriental Kitchen Colma (Colma, CA)
35 – Poke Bowl Challenge at Poke Paradise (San Jose, CA)
36 – Filthy Mill Burger at The Mill (Milton, WA)


Contests Participated In

1 – 1st place at the Mazatlan Street Taco Eating Contest (Everett, WA)
2 – 1st place at the Buger Brawl at Burger Brawler (Bellevue, WA)