How Fans Of Competitive Eating Can #FeedTheMovement

As mentioned in #FeedTheMovement, which you do need to read if you have not already, our #1 goal is to create and lead a movement which will significantly increase the public awareness, general popularity, and social acceptance of competitive eating and food challenges. By doing this, we will “move” the sport of competitive eating up to a similar platform that mixed martial arts, boxing, racing, poker, bodybuilding, powerlifting, bowling, pool, darts, and other smaller mainstream activities are currently on. This big new “movement” will lead to more eaters, fans, promoters, and also sponsors, which will then lead to more challenges, contests, and other competitions. Because of the much larger and more active community that we will continually grow, there will be many more & larger financial, marketing, and advertising opportunities for eaters, promoters, and sponsors alike. There will also be many more events for competitive eating fans to watch, follow, & enjoy. These changes will not happen overnight, and we definitely cannot do it alone without YOUR help. The eating community is small right now, but as the “movement” builds and gains momentum, we will all start seeing results which will help us grow at a more rapid pace. The MOVEMENT’s acceptance policy is similar to that of a septic tank which is where an eater’s food ends up (because we don’t waste food!!)… We accept anyone and anything that fits!! Thank you for your interest in joining us!! 🙂 🙂


First of all, if you are a person that supports competitive eating and follows different eaters and events online and via social media, THANK YOU!! Speaking on behalf of all eaters and promoters alike, we appreciate you attending events, watching our YouTube videos, checking out our pictures, supporting the restaurants hosting the events, and following the results that we post. Big time professional athletes and entertainers would have no real value if they did not have a massive following of fans and loyal supporters attending the events and watching and/or listening to them via television, radio, and internet. One of the keys to expanding our sport and gaining sponsors is to significantly increase the number of fans who are following the different eaters and events. We especially appreciate your support now since you are following a sport that is not really taken that seriously by most people, including many eaters. is working very hard to change that attitude though, and with everyone’s help we can begin to turn competitive eating into a respectable sport with a growing base of eaters, promoters, supporters, and fans. While there are many things that the eaters themselves need to be doing to make you actually want to watch and follow them, there are many things that YOU can do to help us #FeedTheMovement and grow the community of fans and people following the sport:

How Fans Of Competitive Eating Can #FeedTheMovement

1. Watch YouTube videos – The #1 thing you can do is to keep doing what you are doing. Spend some time every now and then when you are in the mood and just watch different eating videos by all of the eaters that post videos online. We will be able to attract sponsors much more easily if we can show them that a lot of people are watching videos online. Most of our videos will be “How To” videos showing potential eaters what they need to be doing to win challenges and contests (so that you can watch them!), so we fully understand if you don’t watch all of those. If people are watching, eaters will be much more motivated and inclined to post more videos, and more content available online will lead to more fans and spectators.

2. Follow your favorite eaters online – You are more than welcome to join our community and create your own profile so that you can ‘friend’ and follow your favorite eaters. You can also follow most eaters online through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Many eaters now have Facebook fan pages you can follow. If you have a few favorite eaters, check out their profile where you will be able to find links to all of their social media accounts that you can follow. This is much easier than trying to find each account separately. By following them, you can get photos, videos, and updates about challenges and contests that they have coming up or have already done. Potential sponsors will eventually be checking out the social media of different eaters, and having more followers will obviously be more beneficial for those competitive eaters.

3. Interact with your favorite eaters – If you are following your favorite eaters via social media (excluding their personal Facebook page if the eater has a public fan page), feel free to interact with them. Comment on a few posts every now and then ask any reasonable questions that you have. It definitely should not be a one-sided relationship. More than likely, unless your posts are offensive, eaters will be happy to respond to you.

4. Share your favorite eaters with friends & family – If you enjoy watching somebody, maybe your kids, friends, coworkers, and family might too!! Feel free to share your favorite video(s) with people, and you might just get those people interested in following that person too. The more followers the better!! Whether you share videos and posts with people online or through word of mouth, the particular eater(s) will definitely appreciate it!!

5. Share the website with people who might be interested – You may not be interested in trying a big food challenge or eating contest, but chances are high that you know somebody who is. If you hear somebody talking about trying a food challenge or if you know of any “big eaters,” please let them know about our new website. There are over 100 articles teaching people how to train and strategize for eating competitions, and we even teach how to recover from them too. They can watch videos on our YouTube page and also join the community of course. Most importantly, they can find every single food challenge available around them. We need to start driving more traffic to the website and our social media so that we can really attract bigger sponsors, and your help is greatly appreciated. You are not only helping us, but you are helping the people you refer us too and everyone in the community. Remember, the info is for you too if you ever get courageous and want to try one!!

6. Support the businesses around you with challenges – A BIG thing that the eating community needs to do so that we can really start growing is that eaters and promoters need to work together to promote each other. Eaters, restaurants, and other people are all doing their own thing and nobody is working together, which is exactly why the average prize at eating contests is less than $300. While supporting the eaters, it would be great if you could help support those small businesses around you too. Next time your family is wanting to go out to eat somewhere, check out a restaurant around you that has a food challenge. To find the closest one to you, the best application to use is our Map Search feature. While you are there, check everyone in on Facebook, and you can even order the challenge to eat as a family if you want to. Post pictures of the challenge so that your friends and followers can see. Every little bit helps, so please do what you can for those businesses around you. I have won over 181 food challenges over the past 4 years, and over 60 of those small restaurants and businesses are closed already. We can help decrease the high number of restaurants closing by helping to promote the ones involved with the eating community. This will encourage others to join our community too!!

7. Follow, share, and support local eating contests – This goes along the lines of helping small businesses, but please take a few minutes to share contests and eating events in your area. If you have the time, you may even want to go and attend a few!! You may have a friend or family member interested in competing, but they can’t participate if they don’t know about it. Most of the small businesses hosting eating contests don’t have the money to blast out a lot of promotional material, so they are depending on fans and supporters of the restaurant to help get the word out. Take a few short minutes to share the event with people that might be interested. Restaurants won’t host eating contests if nobody goes or cares. Show that you care and inspire other people to care too. As the number of people following eating competitions grows, so will the number of restaurants wanting to host eating events so that they can join in and help #FeedTheMovement with the rest of us.

** Mitch and I combine for over five dedicated and hard-working years of learning, planning, developing, and improving everything that is currently available through This is what we do, and we do not have other primary jobs or responsibilities. While we both have learned a lot through our experiences, we are 200% fully aware that we definitely DO NOT know everything there is to know, and we are NOT able to do everything that needs to be done in order for Team #FeedTheMovement to be successful by ourselves. We do, however, know that we are willing to go wherever and do whatever needs to be done so that we can make the “movement” successful and as large as possible. If you are seriously interested in helping us LEAD Team #FeedTheMovement by doing something we are not already doing, please contact us and let us know your ideas and how YOU can put them into action with US as a TEAM. There are ways that EVERYONE can help US though, so please read the article(s) pertaining to you which describes how YOU can really #FeedTheMovement  🙂 🙂

Thanks for reading “How Fans Of Competitive Eating Can #FeedTheMovement” and using our website!!

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