The most popular reason that restaurants with failed challenges give to explain why they ended their food challenge is that the challenge just “fizzled out” or “lost its luster” over time and people just stopped caring about it. This reason is not an answer, but it is a very lame excuse. A challenge does not just “fizzle out” on it’s own. A food challenge is just like a vehicle in the sense that it won’t run on it’s own. Your car or truck will not get to its ending destination without you pushing the gas pedal and steering it in the right direction. Your food challenge will not drive your marketing campaign if you are not pushing it and steering it in the right direction either. If you hide your vehicle in a garage and let it sit there without telling anybody it’s there, it will never get used and will continue to deteriorate. A food challenge does not lose it’s luster unless its host quits maintaining it and no longer tells anybody that it exists, which allows the luster to quickly deteriorate, and it definitely will.

A challenge losing it’s luster is not a valid answer, and is just an excuse for not solving the real problem. Most likely, the actual reason that the food challenge failed is one of The Main Reasons Food Challenges Fail. If one of those 5 problems exist and are not fixed, then yes your challenge will continue to deteriorate until you decide to end it. Even then, the real reason is because you stopped caring. If you don’t care about your food challenge continuing and actually promote it to your customers, then your customers will not care about it either and will not attempt it. Most new customers won’t even know the challenge ever existed, especially if you never even cared enough to add your challenge to the menu or table advertisements. If you want your customers to attempt your challenge, you have to put the effort in and give them a reason to want to. To do that, follow all of the tips throughout the Marketing A Challenge and Improving A Challenge sections. When you create and begin your food challenge, you are basically committing to it and “marrying” it. If you don’t put in the effort to make your real marriage work, it will definitely end in divorce. The same goes for your food challenge too. It will end if you don’t continually put in the effort necessary to make it successful. Remember, You Get Back What You Put In.

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