If you currently have an existing food challenge that is not performing as well as you’d like, there are three different options you can choose from. The first option is to keep your challenge the way it is, keep promoting and advertising it, and keep hoping that things change and people start attempting your challenge more. The second option is to figure out how to adjust the challenge to make it more attractive to your customers so that more people start attempting it. The third option is to end your current challenge and start over with a new and improved challenge that is more suited for your restaurant and clientele. The best option to choose just depends on the situation, and yes there are even times where it would be smart to keep things the way they are and wait for things to get better. Before deciding to completely start over with a new challenge though, you should definitely see if you can fix the situation by changing a few of your current challenge’s “house rules” and adjustable details. The solution may be as simple as just increasing the time limit, so it’s worth consideration.

As you learned by reading Listen To Your Customers For Feedback, you should seek advice from your current customers and the few people that are attempting your challenge now regarding what you can do to improve the challenge and make it more attractive so that more people get excited about it and attempt it. If you ask the right people, you will get quality feedback that you can use to figure out what to do next. If you are lucky, all you will need to do is adjust and improve one or two of your rules for the challenge. If your time limit is just too short, increase the time limit to make the challenge able to be defeated. If there is just some silly rule that nobody likes which really does not affect the outcome of the challenge, get rid of it. If people know the meal isn’t worth the cost, adjust the price to make it more reasonable. You may have 500% profit included in the price of something, but if nobody ever orders the item, how much money did you make? The answer is most definitely zero!! You are much better off pricing the challenge so that you sell more with reduced margins.

You may have all of your challenge rules on your advertisement image and maybe even on your video, but know that it is still okay to change your “house rules” if that improves your challenge and makes more people want to try it. Just adjust your image and post it with the updated details. Don’t worry about the video if it has already received a lot of views and is ranking high on the local Google searches. SEO matters a lot more than minor details of the challenge. Even if your adjustment doesn’t involve the rules and just involves taking off 1 of the burger patties or eliminating one of the side items to make the challenge smaller, that is ok too. Just adjust your marketing materials and announce the changes in your challenge. Let your customers know that you appreciate their feedback and that you want to have a food challenge that they can all be excited about. Your community of supporters will appreciate that and share the improved eating challenge, giving you a reinvigorated marketing campaign. Don’t feel that you have to keep and stick with the original details you started with. You may be the owner, but you are also a salesman too, and you need to do what it takes to sell your challenge to the customers. If there are so many issues with your existing challenge that you think it may be best to just start over, that is okay too. Please make sure to read Sometimes Its Best To Just Start Over to find out when you should do this.

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