Of all the steps involved with hosting a food challenge, creating the challenge is by far the most important step in the process. A well designed challenge that is fitting for your restaurant’s attitude and atmosphere will make everything go so much easier and smoother for you and your staff in regards to marketing the challenge and just hosting customer challenges in general. Because everything is so much easier, the challenge will become so much more fun for everyone involved and the challenge’s momentum will just continue to build and build. On the other hand, a poorly planned and executed challenge will be tough to promote after the first few months which will cause the frequency of attempts to become less and less. The “excitement” and significance of the food challenge will continue to decrease until the challenge turns into more of an inconvenience for your staff whenever a person wants to actually take the challenge. Eventually both the restaurant staff and customers will forget about the challenge and it will be ended. You can easily prevent a food challenge from failing and make things easier by placing more emphasis on the initial design phase. You will be very happy with the results.

There are 8 main steps to creating a food challenge which establish all of the major details that are required to have a successful food challenge. Here are those 8 details which are explained by their articles (click on them):

1) Kind of challenge

2) Type of challenge

3) Size and components of challenge

4) Time limit of challenge

5) House challenge rules

6) Price of challenge

7) Prizes for winning

8) Name of challenge

Clicking on any of those links will take you right to the page explaining each of the different steps to creating a food challenge. Every eating challenge all over the world has these exact same eight details. Whether each restaurant with a food challenge meant to specifically establish each detail or not, all eight details had to be established. Each step is equally important towards the goal of creating a successful food challenge. One poorly planned detail can potentially ruin your challenge. If the time limit is too short, people won’t have a chance to win. If the challenge is too big, then people will eventually stop attempting the challenge. If the prizes for winning are not worth the effort, people won’t take your challenge. If the challenge costs too much, people won’t want to risk taking the challenge. All 8 critical details combine to form 1 successful food challenge.

Now it’s time for YOU and your staff to get started creating a successful challenge for your own restaurant!! Please choose one of the steps above or to go back and view other Creating A Challenge articles, click here.

Thanks for reading the basic food challenge details to establish and using FoodChallenges.com!!