Jamie Miller



Once a week I eat big







Birth Date

February 3

Birth Year





3 Star


Jamie Miller

Challenge Role

Food Fighter


Challenges Participated In

Royal Hotel, Waratah Pizza Challenge (set record)
Royal Hotel, Waratah Parmigiana Challenge
Mr Bui’s Pho Challenge (set record)
Pantano’s Bar & Grill, Bathurst Big Burger Challenge
Royal Hotel, Waratah Seafood Challenge
Ellalong Hotel Burger Challenge
Royal Hotel, Waratah Burger Challenge (set record)
Big Roddy’s Rippin Rib Shack (Brisbane), Hungry Horn Challenge
1kg Burrito Challenge, Mad Mex, Kotara
Holy Smoke Schnitzel Challenge, Kitchener Hotel, Kitchener (first to win)
1.2kg Tomahawk Steak Challenge, The Northern Star Hotel, Hamilton (record time)
Schnitzelmiester Challenge, The Bavarian Charlestown
Hot Wings Challenge, Gunyah Hotel Belmont
Ned Kelly Burger Challenge, Guilty Rogue, Brisbane
Moo Moos ‘Are You Full Of Bull’ 1 kg T-bone Challenge (set record), Bali, Indonesia
Fat Burger Challenge, Fat Bowl, Bali, Indonesia
El Diablo Burrito Challenge, Holy Guacamole, Bali, Indonesia
Mega Gyros, 3kg Gyro Challenge
Outback Jacks, Maitland 1kg Steak Challenge
Cravin’ Cafe and Burger Bar, Kurri Kurri, Cravin’s Big Brekkie Challenge
Restaurant 616, 616 Breakfast Challenge
Burger Rebellion, Port Macquarie Burger Challenge
Cravin’ Cafe and Burger Bar, Coronary Burger Challenge (Double Coronary)
Soho on Darbys, Newcastle 3kg Blazing Wing Challenge
Belmore Hotel, Maitland 1kg Schnitzel Challenge
Restaurant 616, 616 Burger Challenge (2 times)
GoodTime Burgers, Newcastle Man vs Burger Challenge (3 times Hamilton, once Liverpool)
Austrian Schnitzelhaus 1kg Bratwurst Challenge, Erina
JB’s Bistraunt ‘s 1 metre Sausage Challenge
JB’s Bistraunt’s 20 Chilli Beef Hot Dog Challenge
Newy Burger Co Biggest Burger Challenge (winner 2 times)
JB’s Bistraunt’s 2.5kg Ribs & Wing Challenge
JB’s Bistraunt’s 2.5kg Taco Challenge
JB’s Bistraunt’s 2.5kg Parmi Challenge (2 times)
Lone Star Rib House Kotara 2′ Double Dallas Dog Dare (4 times))
JB’s Bistraunt’s 2.5kg Burger Challenge (2 times)
Crinitis Kotara 2 Mates 2 Metres Pizza
Souths’ Monster Dog
Moo Moo’s 750g T-bone Steak Challenge (2 times)
Adam’s Rib Challenge (4 times)
Lone Star Rib a house Tuggerah 2′ Double Dallas Dog Dare Challenge (4times)
Outback Jacks 1 kilo Steak Challenge
Lemon Grove Hotel 5 Schnitzel Stack
Cardiff Panther’s Man v Cow Steak Challenge
Wests Leagues Club Bad Ass Buritto
Australian Steak House Steak Challenge
Longboards Laidback Eatery Phat Bastard Burger
Hofbrauhaus Melbourne Schnitzel Challenge


Contests Participated In

Doughheads Donut Eating Contest (Runner-up $100 voucher)
Mount Midoriyparma chicken parmigiana Eating Contest, Iron Horse Inn (Winner $200)
Jimmy’s Park Opening Hot Dog Eating Contest (Winner)
San Antone Fourth of July Bbq Battle (Professional Division)
Chomp at Stomp, Burger Eating Contest Pro Division (3rd place)
Restaurant 616 Nutella Eating Contest (Winner)
PS101 Burg Eating Challenge, Newy Burger Co. (Winner)
Restaurant 616 Schnitzel Eating Contest (2nd)
Singleton Sunday Markets Pizza Eating Contest 2017 (Winner)
Restaurant 616 Meat Pie Eating Contest (2nd)
Lone Star Rib House Tuggerah Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest 2013,2014 (2nd)
Soda Factory Hot Dog Eating Contest 2015 (2nd)
Restaurant 616 Hot Dog Eating Contest (winner)2016
TvTokyo’s Battle of the World’s Biggest Eaters (Australian Representative)
Restaurant 616 Buffalo Wings Contest (Winner) 2016
Bay of India, Warners Bay, Cheese Naan Bread Eating Contest 2014
National BurgerDay 2kg Burger Eat-Off, Eightbulls Burgers 2017